Former CBS drivers are still mostly doing ex CBS run routes under SBC as far as I know, the only difference is that some pre-SBC drivers have been assigned the S110.

EBT got ICMC's routes because Suffolk changed their bid process and bid all the Western routes as one. EBT is said to have underbid ICMC by a million dollars.

The did the same with the routes run by Sunrise and Hampton Jitney, both still operate the buses and routes because they made a joint venture called Twin Forks Transit which won the bid and both Sunrise and HJ act as sub contractors to that company. My source comes from someone at Sunrise.

Those two moves where done to help the county to save money as the county has a big budget gap and it has a large effect on the Department of Public Works (DPW) which SCT falls under.

CBS and SBC's routes were NOT merged, and Suffolk I believe wanted to keep both operators. That is why I believe that SBC used the Competitive bidding that the companies were given as a result of a law suit against the county years ago that would have allowed any company to bid on any route. Either that or the rumor that CBS's owners were planning on selling the company actually happened.

I've been told that there has been very little change in the service level on the routes that were former routes run by CBS.

I'm not sure about former ICMC routes though I have heard that it took a while for EBT to remove Inter County Motor Coach's name from at least one bus.
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