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And the other night 606's rear door wouldn't open. (That's pretty rare for Bee-Line.)

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Same thing happened again tonight. An Orion V on the 13 with a back door that wouldn't open. It wasn't the 606, though, it was another bus. It was the same operator on the same run. What are the odds of that? To have it happen to a guy on two buses in three nights?

Guess it was the door and not the operator. frown

(That's why I don't like to be too specific about who did what. Unless you know for sure you might be doing someone an injustice. I learned that driving a cab. People accused us of all kinds of stuff, but often the problem wasn't anything a driver could control.)

Anyway, the bus the second night (when the operator said -- for the second night in a row -- the rear door wasn't working right, for everyone to exit from the front) was the 607.

Know what? Yep. Same thing the other evening, different bus operator, same bus. He said 607's rear door had been giving him trouble all afteroon.

Ironically I boarded 607 the following morning and I sat up front in case the rear door didn't open. But it performed flawlessly.

That might be why it hasn't been fixed. (Or maybe it had been fixed?) It's an intermittent failure. The cause of an intermittent failure can be hard to find. If you can't find the problem you can't fix it.