Getting a little off-topic, I remember once, I was on the S44, and what the driver is supposed to do is turn right from Morningstar Road onto Walker Street, turn left onto Port Richmond Avenue, and then turn right onto Post Avenue.

However, maybe because he wasn't familiar with the route, he stayed straight on Morningstar Road. Rather than try to turn around (maybe he didn't realize that he could use the side streets in the area to get back onto the correct route), he decided to stay straight on Morningstar Road, turn right at Innis Street, left on Nicholas Avenue, right onto Castleton Avenue, left onto Port Richmond Avenue, and left onto Post Avenue.

Unfortauntely, the result was that he (most likely) passed some riders along Walker Street and Port Richmond Avenue. Had I realized what was happening, I would've told him how to go back on the route more quickly, and save passengers from waiting 15 minutes for the next bus. frown
''Bingo. DeKalb Avenue''

Conductor on a Brooklyn-bound B train. 2004