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By the way, how crowded are those routes during rush hour?

The routes vary a lot, even day-to-day. Based on riding (and ridership is down a bit, darnit) the 14 and 27 are the two routes where I often have to stand. Almost never on the 1C. I don't take the 5 often, but I hardly ever see standees. But not a lot of seats available on some of the 5s. There is another rush hour limited stops bus on 119 between White Plains and Elmsford Square I didn't mention. The 11 to Croton, which seems to be the least crowded.

The 13 varies. Sometimes there are standees but not too often, or not for very long anyway, as people are constantly getting on and off.

The 13 is an interesting route. It runs between Port Chester and Ossining (short turns to Tarrytown) about 20 miles total. It usually loads twice.

Most Port Chester side riders are heading to or near White Plains. Tarrytown side riders ditto, it often empties out at White Plains.

I've gotten on westbound 13s in the evening on Westchester Avenue on the east side of White Plains and the bus is crowded. As it begins to make the downtown White Plains stops it empties out but new riders are getting on. I've learned if you don't have a window seat you can usually get one between the Galleria and Transcenter stops in White Plains. But there might very well be standees by the time you leave the White Plains Transcenter.

The first couple of stops out of White Plains they're picking up more riders. By the time the bus reaches Rt.119 and Hillside Avenue in Greenburgh it can often be packed.

But in that stretch of 119 you start dropping more riders then get on. Until you reach Elmsford where you start gaining riders again.

I've noticed some nights I think we stop at just about every single stop. I asked an operator once if that was true and he laughed. He said, yes it is true and that's why he didn't like working the 13. Too much work! smile

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