Last evening I got out of work a couple minutes too late to catch the Limited Stops 27 on Rt. 9A. The 27 passes by the stop closest to my job (Warehouse Lane), so if I want the 27 I have to walk up a block (the stop by Sam's Club) to get it. I didn't think I had time so I went directly to the Warehouse Lane stop. Less walking and there's a 1C right behind the 27. Just as I got there two guys dressed in work clothes (like me), in their thirties I guess (not like me frown ) were about to cross 9A to the stop. One waited for the light to change, the other ran across despite fairly heavy traffic. Not too good an idea but he made it.

He turned to be something of a character. He high-jumped the last couple of feet from the street to the curb and grinned at me. He was out of breathe but he managed to gasp out, "Yeah, made it!" He laughed and shook his head. "Man I need to get home! Get some dinner and relax!" I laughed."Hard day" I asked? He nodded. "Oh yeah, hell yeah!"

By now the light on 9A had turned red, his buddy had walked across and the light was turning green again. The high-energy guy told his companion, "The bus is coming man, we made it!" I could see, however, it was the 27 that was approaching. I said to him, "That's a limited stops bus," but he didn't hear me.

As the 27 approached, and it became apparent it wasn't slowing, the high-energy guy tried to flag it down. The operator kind of spread his hands apart as he went by, as if to say, What can I do? Mr. Energy was furious. "Hey, hey!" he yelled, frantically motioning to the driver. Then to my surprise, he began to run right along with the bus! The bus was picking up speed in the traffic and this guy picked up speed too. The 27's next stop south is two blocks away at Payne Street -- a l-o-n-g two blocks -- and this guy took off after it. Last I saw of him he was hotfooting it south.

The next light cycle brought the 1C, which I boarded, realizing as I did, the 27 had been a little late, probably another reason the operator decided not to stop where he wasn't supposed to. (Regular 27 riders definitely don't like it when the operators stop at local stops. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a limited stops bus.)

The high-energy guy was about thirty-five, maybe even older, but wiry and apparently in excellent physical shape. Nonetheless, once on board the 1C I fully expected to see him standing at the Payne Street stop, I couldn't believe anyone could successfully race the 27 there. But apparently he had done it since he was not at the stop.

Or maybe he was still chasing the 27, maybe he chased it all the way to White Plains. smile