I'm sure the second system expansion planned by the MTA long ago involved building a lot of routes in Queens and Brooklyn. There are tons of unused tunnels, station shells, and tracks all meant to be starting points for an expansion. Has anyone ever thought of the Franklin Avenue shuttle as a possible crosstown line if extended? Right now, there seems to be an abundance of lines cutting the area between Queens and Brooklyn horizontally, and only a single line that runs vertically. The Franklin Avenue shuttle, being directly connected to the Brighton line, is a good candidate for extension upwards covering the largely subway-less area bounded by the Crosstown line, the Myrtle Avenue line, the Canarsie line, the Flushing line, and the Queens Boulevard line. It could possibly run all the way to the LaGuardia airport. It could connect the Fulton Street, Nassau Street, Canarsie, Flushing, and Queens Boulevard line. Furthermore, the Crosstown line has two extra tracks just north of Bedford-Nostrand Avenues; it could be used to join the Franklin Avenue line as a pair of express tracks.

What do you think?
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